Adoration at SIJ

Adoration at SIJ By the Fourth Grade Why is Eucharistic Adoration important to me? Josh: I can speak to Jesus in a quiet way. Mikey: I am able to love and listen to Jesus Josh: Jesus is in the eucharist and I can talk to him and listen to his word. Molly: it is beautiful […]

To Live Like Jesus

To Live Like Jesus By Third Grade Recently our Third-grade class took an introspective look at why they like to learn about Jesus and his life. Here are some of their responses: -It is amazing to learn about the Holy land and to be able to see the places that Jesus used to be -Jesus […]

Steeped in Learning!

Early childhood has really enjoyed learning about patterns in the classroom. We have started learning about AB, ABB, and ABC patterns. The students love building patterns with pattern blocks and cutting and gluing patterns together on paper!

Alleluia – He is Risen!

He is Risen as He promised! Alleluia! Instead of candy, these eggs are filled with miniature mementos of the passion of Christ and the glory of His resurrection. Thank you, 5th grade for teaching us about the joy of the Easter using Resurrection eggs!

Jesus’ Passion

Jesus’ Passion By: Second Grade At St. Isaac Jogues School the students have been entering into the Passion of Jesus with weekly Stations of the Cross. A few second grade students had these reflections to share about their practice of the Stations this year: Something I’ve learned about Jesus’ Passion is… “Jesus didn’t carry his […]

Unity in Community!

Unity in Community by 6th Grade For the students at Saint Isaac Jogues, unity in community is based upon working together, and as Hannah puts it, a community that, “supports each other in good.” The students note that a good community is, “being like a family” and being brought together by kindness. Community life at […]

Fourth Grade Science is Fun!

Fourth Grade Science is Fun! By: 4th Grade In fourth grade we have been working on measuring the mass of matter.  Our Lablearner Science program is a hands-on program and we have had some challenges this year due to the pandemic. The fourth grade has adapted to this new way of learning by preforming the […]

Kindness Challenge 2021

Kindness Challenge 2021 By: Ava W., 5th Grade The Kindness Challenge is a fun but helpful challenge. It is helpful in the way that you can look for moments to be kind to anyone. There is always a good moment to be kind to people, but this challenge helps you to find the right moments. […]